To respond effectively to the main goal of this Call for Proposal (i.e.: activating substantial, coherent and effective private-public cooperation functional to strengthen the fight against match-fixing), the role of a National Government body, the Office for Sport (, a Ministry Department, is unique in ensuring strong coordination leadership and effective organic policy making in one Member State and reputation to involve other EU Member States. Furthermore, the Office for Sport is responsible for the Council of Europe Convention on match-fixing on behalf of Italy.

 Each organization has a leading track-record and key-competences for its role:

  • Università Cattolica ( has a very specific study on match-fixing in Italy and has a ten years track record/network on sport for society: Together with Transparency International Italy and its Berlin headquarters, it ensures a solid reputation for international networking;
    Università Cattolica will be focused on a) developing research activities; b) contributing to the coordination activities of the Office for Sport; c) advising the Protected Reporting Channel; d) managing a key-component: the Coordination Room, after the withdrawal of Unicri;
  • Transparency International Italy ( the best Italian background for whistleblowing, in connection with the NGO Secretariat in Berlin: It will be in charge of the Protected Reporting Channel and will support operationally the Office for Sport in the coordination and communication process;
  • Unioncamere Italia ( is the Italian institution which coordinates the 110 local Commerce Chambers which are in charge of market regulations. It will share with the Office for Sport the setting up of the Integrated Private Public Protocol for Prevention;Special relevance has the European Parlament Resolution (2013/2107(INI)) on organised crime, corruption and money laundering: recommendations on action and initiatives to be taken (final report), where  Member States are invited to strengthen the Commerce Chamber role in prevention, information and  contrast to organized crime infiltration, corruption and money laundering growing risks in the world of private companies.”
  • Palermo (Sicily) Commerce Chamber ( implement the local/national pilot-point of the Protected Reporting Channel. CC has developed the Italian best practice as Front Desk for assisting companies threatened by organized crime;
  • Unioncamere Europa ( the connection body between the Italian Commerce Chamber system and the European Commerce Chamber network; will favour cooperation with the European Commerce Chambers’ network and access to specific data;
  • Interpol Italy ( it will cooperate strictly with Interpol General Secretariat in Lyon will provide all specialized information to the European research/model and to the private-public cooperation prevention protocol.
  • ADM (State Monopoly Agency) ( is the Italian Agency for monopolies and betting.
  • Sistema Gioco Italia ( is the private betting operators Italian leading association.Entities are clustered in two “ensembles” of partners.